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  • Features: Reusable & rewashable
  • Materials: Bamboo fleece, Organic cotton
  • White Layer: Makeup removal or application of toner
  • Beige Layer: Daily facial/skin cleansing
  • How to wash: Handwash with normal temperature water and soap or detergent. Dry on normal setting.



  • Ingredients of each cleansing products is different. Press softly after rub in cleansing on facial pad, then gently apply on your face.#
  • By using products made from this material you not only limit the disposables that go directly into the landfill, but also support sustainable farming where there is no need for pesticides and herbicides.


  • 特點:可重複清洗與使用
  • 材質:竹刷毛布、有機棉布
  • 白色面:可卸妝/塗抹化妝液
  • 米白面:洗臉時可清潔皮膚
  • 清洗方式:用肥皂或洗衣劑/粉,搓揉洗淨,晾乾/曬乾即可。

* 溫馨提醒:由於保養清潔用品的成分不同,倒在棉布上時,稍微輕壓讓棉布沾上,再塗抹臉部。

** 使用本產品可避免一次性拋棄的浪費,並且支持對土地友善的有機農耕。

Facial Organic Cotton Pad 有機洗顏卸妝棉

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