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  • Use for: Cloth pads or Laundry cleaning 布棉、尿布、衣物清洗
  • Ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, sodium bicarbonate, sodium per-carbonate, pure essential oil.


To Remove Stains

  • The key for removing stain is to soak more thorougly. If stain remain, soak in water for longer hours, add a teaspoon of Natural Soap Powder.
  • 清洗血迹的重点在于浸泡,而不是用力搓揉。碰上较难清除的血迹,将布面浸泡在水中(水量盖过布棉即可),加入一茶匙的天然皂粉,静置半天或隔夜再清洗。

Natural Soap Powder

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