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Q: What is organic cotton?
- Organic cotton, as the name implies, uses organic methods in the process of planting and weaving.
- Organic cotton is grown in cotton fields that do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides for more than three years. 
- The planting process does not use pesticides, fertilizers and any other chemicals that harm the land.
- Cotton seeds are not genetically modified.
- No chemical additives are used in the process of making fabric.
- Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified.
- Takes longer and more expenses to grow without chemicals, therefore the price is higher.


Benefits of using organic cotton:
- Friendly to the environment, land, animals and people
- Reduce skin allergies and protect human health
- Fiber is tough and soft, and texture is breathable and comfortable


Q: 什麼是有機棉?


  • 有機棉花在三年以上不使用化肥與農藥棉田栽培出來。
  • 種植過程不使用殺蟲劑、化肥等任何危害土地的化學用品。
  • 棉花種子非基因改造。
  • 從棉花變成棉布過程,也不使用化學添加品。
  • 經過國際有機棉單位的認證。
  • 由於不使用化學用品,因此種植與製造需要較多時間與成本,故價位較高。



  • 對環境、土地、動物與人友善
  • 減少肌膚過敏,保護人體健康
  • 纖維堅韌柔軟、質感透氣舒適

Organic Cotton Knitted Fabric 有機針織棉布

    • 100% Organic Cotton. Made in Taiwan.
    • Greige Fabric Color. 
    • Breathable and soft.
    • Suitable for making skin-friendly products such as pillowcases, baby clothes, cloth pads, etc.
    • 100% 有機原棉,台灣織造
    • 原棉胚布色,透氣柔軟
    • 適合製作枕頭套、嬰兒衣物、布衛生棉等親膚織品。
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